March 21, 2017

12 Y Yigal for Macy's

I came home from Thailand to a very nice surprise at my doorstep compliments of Popsugar and Macy's!!  Affiliate links are used throughout this post.

 Womenswear designer Yigal Azrouël has teamed up with Macy’s for a capsule collection, Yyigal, which has been created exclusively with Macy's customers in mind.  This line is feminine, sophisticated and composed of timeless colors mostly  white, black and blush!!  The detailed tailoring of each items makes this collection worth a look!  Items are all priced less than $200 which is a great price point compared to Yigal Azrouël's designer line of piece priced at $1000 or more.

The first piece I received is this lace bomber jacket!  If you have been following me for awhile you know how much I love bomber jackets.  You will WOW in this chic jacket day or night.  The lace detail catches the eye immediately giving it a nice flair.  This jacket can be worn with many of the other items from this collection.  Don't be afraid to pair it up with jeans for a nice dress down look as well.

Lace-Trim Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

I look for day night items to get the most bang for my buck and this jumpsuit fits the bill.  The cropped pants trimmed with lace make this a standout piece.  I would say this jumpsuit is made for those with longer stems.  I am 5'2 and the length drowns me, so this beauty is off to the get hemmed up.  No biggie.  It is worth it.

This lightweight blouse is perfect for the spring and summer season work weeks coming upon us.  Again the lace detail and patterns are are just enough to create a nice pulled together office look.   The top is not lined which will be nice for the deserts scorching temperatures this summer.

The collection also includes some notable items worth a look!

1.  This wrap skirt is beyond gorgoeus and goes past the knee.  Very classy and timeless.

2.  This Fit and Flare dress immediately caught my eye.   This can easily be worn just about anywhere.  The signature lace hits at the yoke and sleeves and the dress hits at the knee making it work appropriate attire.

3.  I know many of you are purchasing off the shoulder tops, so this one will not disappoint.

4.  It is no secret that BLUSH has been a favorite color around here.  You will want to check out this caplet dress.



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