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March 3, 2017

5 Monster Jam World Finals XVIII IN LAS VEGAS THIS MONTH!

The Monster Jams Finals are coming to Las Vegas!!  My family and I will be attending thanks to this amazing sponsorship. 

Have you ever wanted a night out when everyone in the entire family is entertained?!!  The Monster Jam is it.  Trust me, I like fine dining and polished nights out.   However, one event we do not miss is the Monster Jam finals!  My kids and husband absolutely LOVE the wild crowds, consessions, loud motors and entertainment these drivers provide each year during the World Finals in Las Vegas.  It is truly a fun family event that everyone in your party can and will enjoy.

Monster Jam World Finals XVIII

Monster Jam World Finals XVIII returns to Sam Boyd Stadium on March 23-25 featuring the top 32 Monster Jam trucks and drivers competing for the coveted titles of Racing World Champion and Freestyle World Champion.

The Monster Jam World Finals weekend starts with Thursday’s Double Down pit party, BBQ, qualifying and Double Down Showdown, which is exclusive to fans who purchase the three day Double Down Package.  Fans attending Thursday’s activities are treated to an intimate day of interaction with the drivers, exclusive merchandise, and additional benefits and experiences.  To conclude the evening, the winner of the Double Down Showdown will move on to the field of 32 competitors vying for championships on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday night the capacity crowd will be on the edge of their seats as Grave Digger, Max D and the fastest fleet of Monster Jam trucks ever assembled go head to head in their quest for the Racing World Championship.

The incredible weekend of motorsports mayhem is appropriately concluded on Saturday night with the Freestyle Championship.  Big air and big carnage is what Saturday night is all about as each of the 32 competitors take on an all-new freestyle course featuring outrageous obstacles and a battlefield of destruction never seen before.

Both the Friday Racing Championship and Saturday Freestyle Championship begin with the pit party, which allows fans to interact with over 100 Monster Jam trucks and drivers.  The pit party also features thrill acts, driver interviews, RC World Finals, monster ride truck, vendor booths, the Monster Jam Experience, the Hot Wheels play zone, and more.  The pit party is free with a Monster Jam World Finals event ticket.

I promise you the event you do NOT want to miss is the FREESTYLE CHAMPIONSHIP on Saturday!!  This is the unf night when the drivers do their craziest moves!  Your kids and especially your husbands will be entertained!  It is a great and memorable 

Performance Schedule:

Thursday, March 23 – Party in the Pits 11:30am-5:00pm / Qualifying 7:00pm
*Open only to fans who purchase the Double Down Package

Friday, March 24 – Party in the Pits 11:30am-5:00pm / Racing Championship 7:00pm

Saturday, March 25 – Party in the Pits 11:30am-5:00pm / Freestyle Championship 7:00pm

Tickets available at UNLVtickets.com or call 702-739-FANS.

  • Individual Friday or Saturday ticket start at $61 per person.

  • 2-Day Friday/Saturday tickets start at $97 per person

  • 3-Day Double Down packages start at $197 per person

The Double Down package offers the best value and most access to the Monster Jam World Finals!  Every Double Down package contains over $90 in additional food, activities and merchandise including:
  • Exclusive entry into the Thursday activities including pit party, BBQ, track walk, and competitions
  • The best seats in the house
  • Early entry to the Friday & Saturday pit parties
  • Special Double Down T-shirt 
  • All new Double Down cap
  • Commemorative Double Down credential and lanyard
  • And more! 

Children 2 years and older require a ticket for entry.



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